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We understand candidates’ backgrounds and accomplishments, and more importantly, their potential.  Let our Atlanta executive search firm help you recruit the leaders you need to thrive in today’s competitive world.


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Shoemaker & Associates/Cornerstone Atlanta conducts senior-level recruiting assignments, executive coaching and leadership assessments throughout North America, as well as globally.

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Our experience has been in a variety of industries and functional disciplines. Clients include Fortune 500, mid-cap, start-up and emerging organizations plus privately and family owned businesses. An Atlanta executive search firm, our long-term client relationships have been built on trust, confidence and performance.

A Modern, Measured Approach To Recruiting

Our process incorporates traditional search protocols, focusing on the candidate’s competency – Atlanta Executive Searchknowledge, skills, experience, track record and personal attributes. However, these measures alone sell the search process short. We believe the candidate’s fit and compatibility with the client’s organization is paramount to a successful search. Using state-of-the-art tools, our search process focuses on how well the candidate’s style, motivations and brainpower fit the client. We combine the entire analysis, resulting in an evaluation of each candidate’s traits, abilities and special talents, enabling our clients to make the best possible hiring decision.


Our business is built on relationships. Our clients trust us to understand their organization – its strengths as well as challenges. We work with them as partners as we help them identify, attract and develop their leadership team. More than 90% of our revenues are generated from “repeat” clients or organizations referred by clients.

International Reach

As a member of Cornerstone International Group we have strong relationships with like-minded retained search and coaching organizations in the primary business centers of the world. We can conduct assignments almost anywhere, working with local network members who we know personally.


Recent Articles From Our Blog

How are you contributing?

Sitting in an outdoor cafe in Toledo, Spain, following an invigorating three day Annual Conference for members of Cornerstone International Group, makes it easy to put in perspective the choices we make in our lives. One of the highlights of the conference is getting to know more about the individuals who are part of this organization. We know each other as professionals, and as friends. This year we learned about contributions some have made outside of business. In 2008, Gary refocused his life after receiving a serious medical diagnosis. Thankfully, the medical issue has been resolved, but Gary continues with his bucket list. A young man who was his taxi (tut-tut) driver on a trip to Cambodia, where Gary had gone to visit the temple complex of Angkor Wat, impressed Gary. The young man felt he was not prepared to have a future, but he did have a vision of starting his own business. He was contributing a significant amount of his earnings to help children with essentials needed to receive an education. Gary was so inspired by the young man’s passion that he paid for him to complete his business degree, as well as his MBA. He now has a successful business. But it does not stop there. Gary and the young man stayed in contact. A few years ago he introduced Gary to a village with a very deprived school: the building and rooms were there, but no chalk for the boards, no desks, no supplies. Gary bought supplies and paid for uniforms, shoes and books for students in grades 1-6. He also provided one month’s food...

Are you a corporate lawyer ready for a new role?

Our client, the U.S. subsidiary of a European based consumer goods company with revenues exceeding $20 Billion, is recruiting a successful lawyer to be their Associate General Counsel.  This subsidiary generates approximately 20% of the company’s total revenue. This organization, which has a portfolio of well-known brands, operates in a highly regulated industry. The Associate General Counsel is a new position, created to support the organization by serving as a commercial attorney and providing litigation support. The Associate General Counsel reports to the Executive Vice President, General Counsel and is a member of a small team providing hands-on counsel to all business units and levels of executive staff. PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES The Associate General Counsel assists the EVP, General Counsel in protecting the organization’s legal interests and maintaining its operations within the scope established by law. He or she advises the General Counsel and Senior Management on, and issues recommendations regarding, how to protect and serve the Company’s legal interests. Functioning as a business partner, with an understanding of business and the business implications of legal decisions, the person who best fits this role will have a perspective much broader than just the legal aspects. QUALIFIED CANDIDATES WILL HAVE 8-10 years’ minimum legal experience, with a substantial part of that as a commercial lawyer. Experience working with regulated consumer products is desirable. Successfully provided legal support to multiple internal clients, including senior management. A law degree from a nationally accredited school and bar admission in at least one state. Highly developed oral and written communication and presentation skills. Strong interpersonal skills. Superior analytical skills. “Big-picture” understanding of the broad implications...

The new 80/20 rule in recruiting

The Pareto Principle, introduced in 1906 by Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto and developed further by Joseph Juran, is widely known as the 80/20 rule.  It states that in every event, 80% of the outcomes are contributed by 20% of the causes.  Believe it or not, this has a heck of a lot to do with recruiting top talent!  But perhaps not in the way you imagine. In the old recruiting model, the 80 / 20 rule was used to mean that successfully filling a key position depended 80% on finding the right candidates, and 20% on everything else.  Emphasis was on identifying potential candidates. Like many things that have an impact on organizational performance, however, recruiting is changing, probably more dramatically than most others. Social Media and readily available data have made it much easier to find individuals with the desired background and experience.  And this, in turn, has given us yet another meaning to the 80/20 rule. Emphasis has moved from identifying individuals who have appropriate knowledge and experience to making certain the person who joins the organization fits.  This perspective has flipped the rule.  Today, only 20% of the success in filling a position is based upon identifying potential candidates and 80% of the success is determining their ability to be successful in the future in the specific organization. The recently released book Agile Talent, by Cornerstone International Group member Ralf Knegtmans, points out that successful recruiting projects require understanding a number of things about  candidates, including their: Ability – what the individual knows and what they are capable of Personality Traits – what distinguishes the individual...

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