Career/Job Discussion with Larry Shoemaker

The Emerging Normal has changed many things in business and life.  As you might expect, although executive recruiting seems to be recovering, it is slow right now.  With time available, I have decided to reach out to some individuals to see if they might find a job/career discussion beneficial.  I don’t have all the answers, but my 25+ years in retained executive search has provided me a strong perspective of the global job market.

I am not selling anything.  I’m simply offering some time to discuss what you would find helpful.  It’s my approach to giving back, and creating new relationships.

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We help clients attract and develop individuals who help transform their organization. Our multi industry and functional experience includes supporting Fortune 500, mid-cap, start-up and emerging organizations plus privately and family owned businesses. Trust, confidence and performance are the foundations for our long-term client relationships.

How We Do It

We combine industry experience and search expertise with a robust search process to deliver predictable results. We believe fit and compatibility with the client’s organization is paramount to a successful search, and use state-of-the-art tools to focus on how well the candidate fits the client’s culture, enabling our clients to make the best possible hiring decision. We leverage situational understanding, business acumen and knowledge of people as we help individuals understand their potential and set a course to attain it.


Our business is relationships. Our clients trust us to understand their organization – its strengths as well as challenges. We work with them as partners as we help them identify, attract and develop their leadership team. More than 90% of our revenues are generated from “repeat” clients or organizations referred by clients.

International Reach

As a member of Cornerstone International Group, we have strong relationships with like-minded retained search and coaching organizations in the primary business centers of the world. We can conduct assignments almost anywhere, working with local network members who we know personally, and who know their local markets – culture, customs and how to recruit the right candidate.


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