In questions as straightforward as a hiring decision, or as complicated as how to enhance the management team’s effectiveness, we have the ability to provide the framework for an organization’s selection and development efforts. Whether it is cultural change, assimilation of acquired organizations, significant expansion, turnarounds or a strategic change in direction, our assessment process helps organizations better understand their leadership capabilities, strengths and gaps and prepare for the talent needs of the future.

Assessment Tools

Assessment tools used as an integral part of the search process increases the probability of attracting people who fit the position and culture. We are certified in a number of psychometric tools that can provide a quantitative “fit” assessment of each candidate, including the HCI/Cornerstone Assessment, PeopleBest DNA, EBW Global Emotional Intelligence System, and Cornerstone 360. Learn more about our search process.

Leadership Assessment

Effective leaders make the difference in business performance. Most organizations want to make certain their leadership team has the appropriate depth and breadth. A strong team that can quickly react to changing opportunities provides a competitive advantage, critical in today’s business environment. We can help you understand each individual, senior leader as well as high potential mid-career executive, as well as the collective strengths of the team by providing insight that is helpful in making the right people decisions.

We help you recruit and develop the people who can make a significant, lasting contribution to your organization.