We have been helping clients recruit and develop leaders for more than 25 years. We are a “boutique” consulting firm, small by design so we can deliver unique and personalized services and a guarantee of success. We dedicate our efforts and resources to excellence.

Executive Search

Whatever the industry or function, and wherever the location, we help clients hire leaders that are “game-changers.” Clients who are manufacturers/marketers/ distributors of industrial or consumer products are one of our key focuses. We also have expertise in financial services, mining, building products, energy and education (community colleges sectors). Our functional experience ranges from the C suite to high impact positions. Learn more about our executive search process.

Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching helps career-minded individuals identify what is important, set priorities, put together a plan and stay the course. Whether it is preparing individuals to assume additional responsibility or assisting individuals who find themselves in roles where they are not performing at their peak, we help them attain their goals. Larry holds an IFC (International Coach Federation) ACC Credential. Learn more about executive coaching from Shoemaker & Associates.


We offer onboarding to the selected candidate as part of our search process. We are also available to extend this into a longer-term strategic integration process/coaching to ensure the best possible start.


Our assessment skills enable us to recognize an individual’s motivations, attitudes, interests, passion and other circumstances that control their actions. We combine the experience and knowledge we have gained recruiting, coaching and working with leaders and the information from our assessment tools to gain an in-depth understanding of an individual; their strengths, challenges and their long-term potential. Learn more about our assessments process.