Truly, this COVID-19 environment is unlike any we have seen in our lifetime.  Challenges continue and seem to change daily.  Everyone is impacted, some more than others.  My own belief is that we will never return to what we had before.  There will be a “new normal,” and I don’t believe we understand what it will be at this time.  However, organizations will continue to exist, and they will need the right people in the right roles to accomplish their goals.  The question is how will the organizations in the “new normal” go about identifying, evaluating, attracting, hiring and developing the right people?

Executive search will play a part in the future; I’m just not quite sure what it will be.  There are programs that help identify and “learn about” people that are available to all, both organizations and recruiters, who are willing to purchase them.  When it comes down to it, the true value I bring to a retained search is my ability to know the organization, to effectively interact with candidates and understand what is important to them, and recognize how this matches the organization’s vision.  This is most important for senior roles where fit and potential is critical.  That’s where I am focusing.  As a result, I accept fewer “lower level” assignments unless there is something “unique” about the requirements – specific skills, geographical location, etc.  Additionally, I am supporting my clients by spending more time in coaching and helping them develop leaders.

I also believe the world will remain globally connected, and the ability to support clients wherever they have needs will continue to be important.  Cornerstone International Group provides connectivity, and that connectivity is an important part of what we offer.