A new year presents the opportunity to begin again; the next 30 days sets the tone for the remainder of the year. How are you approaching it?

Each of us have multiple priorities we want to accomplish. Some are work related; others personal. One approach is to be better at what we do. But what if this isn’t enough?

What if you considered your job as being transformational: of challenging boundaries and creating something truly lasting? George Bradt, in his Forbes series about how to succeed in the first 100 days in a new job, refers to this as a Burning Imperative – mission, vision, values, objectives, goals, strategies and plans. This can be applied to starting a new year as well.


Create a vision for the new year. Put it in writing. Communicate with everyone involved; getting input and “buy-in” is important. Success will be determined by your commitment to change and your determination to follow through.


Steps taken during the next month will set the course for 2016. Are you willing to think past traditional and consider dramatic? This could set you on a path of achieving your full potential and creating your legacy.


It’s your choice how to approach the new year.