What is Emotional Intelligence?

There are a lot of articles written about Emotional Intelligence and how an individual can increase it. I would encourage you to use the internet to learn more.

Understand what EI is and what it means. Become comfortable with the concept. After that, begin your own efforts to enhance the areas where you feel you need to improve.

A good starting point is to concentrate on four things:

• Recognize your own emotions
• Balance your needs and the needs of others
• Be attuned to other people
• Get along with others

We use assessments as part of every search we do to better understand candidates and how they fit the organization. Our assessment evaluates Self Confidence, Self- Motivation, Interpersonal Relationships and Adaptability. These are all founded in Emotional Intelligence, and indicate how an individual manages themselves and their relationships with others. Our goal is to not only identify candidates who have the skills and knowledge required, but also who best fit an organization. Once a part of the organization, these same tools help make certain they succeed.

We spend a great deal of time determining an individual’s “fit” into the organization.

You could say part of our search process is determining how strong an individual’s Success Quotient is.

Larry C. Shoemaker is President of Shoemaker & Associates/Cornerstone Atlanta. He specializes in retained search, leadership assessment and coaching. He is also President of Cornerstone International Group, a global retained search organization comprised of about 70 independently owned offices located around the globe. Headquarters are in Shanghai, China and Atlanta, GA. He holds an International Coach Foundation ACC Credential.