What This Survey is About?

“Women leaders in Business? I guess so. I mean, sure.”

Not exactly a clarion call to the ramparts. But a fair reflection of the level of enthusiasm for gender diversity in business leadership that we found in this, our latest, global business survey.

Cornerstone International Group’s 10th annual survey zeroes in on the subject of women leaders in business. This seems to be coming back onto the front burners this year. Not, unfortunately, in a good way but in the form of recent studies suggesting the momentum behind the movement was slowing. For the past few years, reporting on the issue of gender diversity has been guardedly optimistic. Women have been winning prominent positions in major international companies.

And that’s exactly what we found.

Please download the report and let us know what you think!


Cornerstone International Group is an organization of Executive Search and Leadership Development experts with members in 66 locations.

Since 2008, we have surveyed our business clients in 36 countries on their challenges and expectations. The report is timely: a brief questionnaire is limited to two issues, the economy and a feature subject which this year was the status of women leaders in business.

The composition of respondents is given at the end in the section NATURE OF THE SURVEY.